Soil to Soil Market is a nationwide multi-vendor ecommerce market. It will enable customers to discover verified, non-greenwashed goods that are local to them, wherever they may be. When it comes to handmade goods that can't scale in terms of manufacturing or mass production, that scale needs to come from a handmade, grassroots approach. 

Soil to Soil Market removes the barrier of producers running their own ecommerce website, provides marketing and customer support, and has the ability to scale in a way that will increase long-term viability. For producers who already have their own ecommerce site, the market will be supplemental to that. And most important is the ability of consumers to find VERIFIED goods all in one place.

There are no membership or listing fees for producers. The market charges a 15% commission on all sales. 

Vendor Membership Requirement
Follow all Product Certification Guidelines.
Any and all goods listed on the Soil to Soil Market website follow these guidelines:

  •  All source materials must be farmed/harvested within the United States.
  •  Items must be fully compostable. Items constructed with non-compostable thread or notions must be noted on the product label and in the product description as not fully compostable.
  • No item, nor any of its constituent parts, may be genetically modified or contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs), manufactured biosynthetic, or be superwashed.
  • All labor is sourced within the United States (U.S.)

Email Soil to Soil Market at [email protected]

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